Hospitality Manager - day time restaurant

Thursday, 7 February, 2019

Job description

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Managing and evaluating of restaurant and tasting room staff. This would include disciplinary action if needed.
  • Training of staff
  • Ensure adherence to relevant legal, health and safety regulations and guidelines.
  • Planning and strategizing with senior management on generating more income and getting feet to the property.
  • Establish standards in customer service in meeting and greeting guests and housekeeping as to ensuring premises (front of house, tasting room, kitchen and bathroom) is clean, and in a working condition.


  • Complaints handling if needed.


  • Organising functions and events, liaising with guest, following up with payment, creating special menus if needed.
  • Liaise with chef on menu-planning and costing.


  • Checking of supplies and equipment quantity and quality daily.


  • General maintenance of inside and outside of restaurant. This would include planning the service and upkeep of machinery used in hospitality.


  • Implementation of new systems as and when needed.


  • Work rosters, including weekends as normal trading days.


  • Security in opening and closing of restaurant and tasting room.


  • Stock control and inventory management, including managing of daily stock counts.


  • Daily / weekly preparation of sales report, compared to stock movement and evaluating variances.


  • Reconciliation of management accounts, cash-ups, function revenues to expenditure.


  • Proper recordkeeping of all income and expenditure.
  • Manage budgets and approve expenditures.