Executive Chef - Ernie Els Wines

Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Ernie Els Wines is looking to hire an Executive Chef for a Brand New Restaurant

Job Description:
Executive Chef

Purpose: This position is “the chief” and maintains complete control of the kitchen, including:

  • Controlling and directing the food preparation process and any other relative activities
  • Constructing menus with new or existing culinary creations ensuring the variety and quality of the servings
  • Managing the costs of the kitchen
  • Approving and “polishing” dishes before they reach the customer

Reporting line: This position reports to the Head of Marketing and Sales

Duties and responsibilities: 


  • Identify suppliers, including supplier negotiations (payment terms and prices)
  • Kitchen installation, including purchase of equipment
  • Concept creation
  • Menu creation
  • Appoint kitchen team

Day to day operations

  • Control and direct the food preparation process and any other relative activities
  • Construct menus for restaurant and events with new or existing culinary creations ensuring the variety and quality of the servings
  • Prepare dishes for customers
  • Approve and “polish” dishes before they reach the customer
  • Plan orders of equipment or ingredients according to identified shortages
  • Arrange for repairs when necessary
  • Remedy any problems or defects
  • Manage kitchen budget and daily costs

Employee Management

  • Foster a climate of cooperation and respect between colleagues
  • Be fully in charge of hiring, managing and training kitchen staff
  • Oversee the work of subordinates
  • Estimate staff’s workload and compensations
  • Maintain records of payroll and attendance


  • Comply with nutrition and sanitation regulations and safety standards

Relationship Management

  • Work effectively with Front of House to build and maintain the Ernie Els brand

Qualifications and experience:

  • Qualification in Culinary Arts
  • Exceptional proven ability in establishing and managing a high-end kitchen
  • Proven experience as head chef
  • Ability in dividing responsibilities and monitoring progress
  • Up-to-date with culinary trends and optimized kitchen processes
  • Good understanding of useful computer programs (MS Office, restaurant management software, POS)
  • Credentials in health and safety training


Planning and organising

  • Is good at coordinating and delegating work. Follows up and ensures things get done on time

Strategic & Commercial Focus

  • Demonstrates tenacious cost consciousness for the business
  • Adds value to the business by creating a superior client experience

People Management

  • Exceptional leadership skills
  • Provides coaching & feedback to ensure team members reach their full potential

Problem Solving / Decision Making

  • Takes ownership of issues and follows through to point of resolve
  • Considers the wider consequences of each decision

Client orientated

  • Ensures that excellent client service is delivered at all times

Stress tolerance

  • Remains calm under pressurised conditions




Please email a copy of your CV to Karen (karen@khconsulting.co.za) by the 8th March