PVC Strip Curtains

Western Cape  

Strip Curtain Solutions is a successful supplier and installer of PVC strip curtains, impact doors, high speed doors and industrial doors. Curtain doors are particular efficient at keeping dust out, cold air inside/hot air outside (depending on application), separating workspace and many other applications. And they can be quickly deployed. Unlike industrial doors eg high speed doors or sectional doors, they are produced locally, and kept in stock.

Most of the solutions we offer are of a capital nature (as appose to consumable spending). Choosing the best solution is half the battle, the other half is vested in the installation itself. Clever money knows that it pays to be green, to conserve electricity, to create a pleasant work environment for staff and to deploy cost saving measures.

Vinyl curtain doors are strips that hang from an overhead track to form a barrier. They are available in light, medium and heavy duty depending on your requirements. Even though they act as a partition they still offer a high degree of clarity and are flexible enough to pass through. Typical areas of application are factory entrances, warehouse partitioning, cold rooms, storage areas etc. It will also reduce noise levels.

Give Strip Curtain Solutions a call if you want to enjoy a quick return on your investment, increase safety at work and productivity, or if you want to regulate temperature.