Seeking Employment within the Wine Industry

Tuesday, 26 February, 2019
Dante Quartermain     060 745 7272
Cape Town  

Hello, I am a 23 year old male with logistics operations experience for export as a transporter. I fully understand the Export process. I am professional, punctual and motivated. currently living in the Southern Suburbs. I have my own transport and am available to start training immediately.

2017 - 2018     In-X-Trans - Logistics

My first job role in Cape Town was as a logistics coordinator. A small team managing 50 Truck drivers. My role was to assist in operations by ensuring the whole process of containerised transport (for Export and Import freight) runs as smoothly as possible. I built personal relationships with Drivers and Clients and managed a whole range of tasks on an around the clock basis. Careful planning, communication and dedication were a must. I worked well with Afrikaans speaking operation team members, and managed our drivers and paperwork efficiently. I trained hard to think on my feet and explain and deal with problems quickly I was able to make judgement calls and trusted to do my best. After just over year I decided the job roll was not for me long term, I handed in my notice and began training my replacement. After which I took my savings and decided to see more of South Africa where I travelled to the Cederberg mountains and stayed on a local farm for 3 months.

Our company was in partnership with MP Bulktech, where I was assigned to personally handle and facilitate any fitment of container temperature liners. One of the only two companies to offer this service in Cape Town, requiring me to drive to many locations out of hours and during hours whilst managing my normal work load.

2019    Freelance

After returning to Cape Town I have helped launch a Metal fabrication company with a friend. I have designed a professional Website, Flyers and Business Cards. I currently offer indoor climbing tuition, route-setting at local gyms and assist with rock-climbing tours. I have started qualifying as a certified tour guide with scope covering adventure and hospitality within the western cape. I enjoy working with people from all over the world, sharing knowledge and experiences.

Other Experience

Web Design, Business Skills, marketing knowledge, excellent organisational skills, phone etiquette, technology skills and a logical, organised and systematic approach to work load. I can work independently in a reliable manner or in a team communicating and decision making.

I currently offer indoor climbing tuition, route-setting at local gyms and assist with rock-climbing tours. I am currently working part-time in a metal fabrication company assisting in the workshop, marketing the business and leasing with clients.

Rock Climbing is my passion. I have climbed for over 13 years and have become a seasoned climber. It is the key to all things I enjoy in my life. I still train up to 5 times a week keeping me motivated, stimulating problem solving ability, improving coordination between my body and mind and socialising with many different types of people. This sport always has more to offer.

I have lived and worked in different environments, from Kitchens to Business, from England to South Africa. I believe this has given me a broad understanding of what is required to work in each type of environment.

I manage finances carefully understanding the value of money, I save and often plan trips away locally or overseas.

For a full copy of my CV or any other information please feel free to get in touch,

Kind Regards, Dante.