International Sales/Marketing Manager - 12500

Tuesday, 26 February, 2019
Sarah-Jane Kirkup     +27 66 065 0722
Western Cape  

To whom it may concern.

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sarah-Jane Kirkup. I am a South African nationality currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. I have recently returned from living in Bangkok for 3 years as an International Marketing Manager for Nancy Chandler Graphics. A recommendation from my current employer is attached within my CV resume. (

I am a hardworking, diligent, goal-oriented individual who has a passion for online marketing, social media, increasing brand awareness & sales, product development, product showcasing (professional photography) and growing relationships with others in the industry that can benefit the business with partnerships and shared content.

I achieved a lot during my time in Bangkok, my most notable achievements were creating a consistent and concise SEO strategy for the website with content guidelines and keywords, this resulted in our website being ranked on the first page of google’s search results for keywords I had incorporated into the online strategy. This was also achieved through building relationships with influencers in our target niche of customers, creating an affiliate program with incentives for bloggers or social media influencers to gain a kick back for advertising the products/services. I turned a paper map of Bangkok into a digital version which had to be compatible across all platforms, this resulted in a 1:3 increase in sales of the product. I have a full portfolio on my strategies I used to increase sales and how I researched and implemented them, and the results it yielded.

One of my strongest skills/attributes is my ability to acquire knowledge and use/implement it to reach the goal that I would currently be working on. There is a plethora of information our there, it just takes initiative to go and research, plan and implement. Which I am very good at. Knowledge acquisition is my strongest skill. If I need to learn something to get the job done, you can be assured I will learn how to do it, and do it better then my counterparts or work with my team to get the job done.

I am fluent in English & Xhosa, with Afrikaans being my second language. I am also able to converse in Thai. I have my own transport as well.

If you have any questions about my CV or would like to contact me for a further discussion about the position, please feel free to email me at or phone me at 066 065 0722

I look forward to your response.

Kindest regards,

Sarah-Jane Kirkup

What can I do for your business?

- Develop a Social Media strategy plan & implement. Everyday posting across all platforms with informative and relative content, the key to boosting your post is getting engagement.

- Website Management: Create and implement an SEO strategy, align content with this strategy, create blogs, educate the public about the brand, products & services that makes them excited to come and try you out.

- Product Development: I created a new stream of revenue in my previous employment by turning a paper map into a digital map which was sold online through the website.

- Automate procedures that require a little more time to do than usual.

- Content Creation: I take my own photographs and use my creativity to create really unique and engaging online digital content where your customers are most likely to hear of your brand if they aren't familiar with it before. I can write blogs, statement releases and even speeches if needed.

- Affiliate Marketing: Become a part of the community that fits your company's niche through Facebook Groups (Very popular) to create relationships and get potential customers to fall in love with your brand just as much as you are.

-Excellent International/Local Customer Service: I have dealt with customers all over the world, each are different, and have their own way of getting their point or request across, do not take it personally, but I try find a friendly solution with the customer where the customer feels like he is getting the better end of the deal. A happy customer is most likely to be a repeat customer. Customer retention. I am also fluent in Xhosa - which is a huge bonus in the Western Cape right now.

- Exhibition & Market sales: I did a lot of this in Bangkok at expat markets. I actually created a community on Facebook where expat event organisers and local/expat vendors could apply to become apart of the event. It worked out really well as the event organisers were able to choose from an array of vendors instead of accepting blindly.

- Purchase Coordination: When a purchase is made online, I will be able to make sure the product is packed and delivered to the correct address. This sometimes involves using Google and just double checking with the customer the delivery address as sometimes a few details could be missing that the customer doesn't find necessary, but the postal office does.

-Team management: I have been both a part of a team, and a team leader. I enjoy both roles as working as a team gets more done than working alone. A productive team that is! My favourite saying is, "Are you busy? Or are you being productive?"

If anything else is needed to be done from front desk reception to the back end, I am willing to do it always, with a smile.

My salary expectations/benefits are up for discussion, please do not hesitate to chat to me about that.

Looking forward to hearing from prospective employers, you are welcome to email me for a full CV, portfolio and reference letter.

Kindest regards,

Sarah-Jane Kirkup

066 065 0722