Looking to produce wine: services/products needed


We are looking to produce 4000 bottles of wine and need help in all aspects: renting, purchase of equipment and grapes, employees...

For those interested, find below the specifications needed for the 4000 bottles:

- Winery rental cost

- Price of a Premium Bottle [Weight= more than 1 Kg for the empty bottle (75cl) with a long neck]

- Price of a Natural Cork 52mm

- Price of Oak barrels

- Price of grapes (Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat)

- Storage rental at the Winery

- Labor wages in the winery

- The wage for one technician working full-time

What would be the cost if we want to buy Bulk Wine from the same grapes?

Also need help with filing a patent for a beverage recipe.