On-Site Mobile Testing & Certification of Pressure safety Valves

Wednesday, 19 June, 2019
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Testing & Certification of new and old Pressure Safety Valves according to SANS 10147

7. Check that pressure relief devices are re certified/replaced in accordance with 5.10.4.

Every 36 months

Every 36 months

5.10.4 Recertification of pressure-relief devices and replacement of bursting discs
All pressure relief valves shall be checked and recalibrated by the manufacturer or an acceptable service representative and recertified every three years. Bursting discs shall be replaced every three years.


Range: 1/4 -4 inch / Dn15 – 300mm.
Gas Testing: 0 – 100 bar / 1450,30 psi according to ASME. SEC.l & ASME. SEC. Vlll
Seat Leakage Testing: Full range, according to API 527.

The Ventil VC7.5-SP-T4 is the complete solution for quick, easy and accurate testing and pressure setting of all common
pressure relief valves. The design and configuration are based on many years of experience in safety valve testing and repair.
The VC7.5-SP-T4 is standard completed with a fully integrated, Windows operated Computer Registration System.
The unique test software gives digital reading, verification against test standards, storing and printing of a customized test certificate.


After testing and certifying the Pressure Safety Valve an anodised aluminium tag is fibre marked with a QR Code and all,
relevant information. A 1mm Stainless Steel cable and lead seal is used to attach the newly marked identification tag and -
sealed to prevent post certification tampering.


This software allows us to create an efficient paperless system whereby a unique QR code is created to capture important
data like the Ventil Test Certificate, MUT Service Report and PSV Pictures for each Pressure Safety Valve.
This allows the customer to access information by simply scanning the barcode on the identification tag and following the link
to the information page. When third-party inspection is required we make use of a Topaz Digital signature signing pad
for signing certificates.

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