Concerned about your winery/companies high electricity bill? - FREE

Friday, 23 August, 2019
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Western Cape  

IUB (International Utility Brokers) based in Somerset Wes was founded in 2004 by Nieuwoudt Heerschap who specializes in electricity usages/rates. His passion to advise clients on better electricity rates - assisting the wine, farming and agricultural industry with this cost-free exercise.  

IUB focus on cost reductive utility audits, giving you peace of mind that your business is operating at the best available rate available by either Eskom, City of Cape Town or your local municipality.  We ONLY look at your latest electricity invoice and usages for the last 12 months (KVA)   


(No changes to equipment/solar/generator ect)

Each audit is done based on low and high season and functioning hours for the specific business we analyze.   

Utility Audit

Many companies do not realize that utility expenditure needs to be managed. Utility invoices are typically processed by accounts payable departments. Utility expenditure makes up a considerable portion of a company’s operating budget thus reducing utility expenditure promotes profitability. IUB supplements companies with expertise and resource with regards to time and expense needed to internally manage utility expenditure.

  • IUB assigns individual consultants to clients to maintain personal contact.
  • IUB liaise with relevant departments in your organization to obtain utility-related information.
  • IUB liaise with utility suppliers in order to obtain all utility-related information needed to perform our utility audit.
  • IUB concludes utility audits within one month.
  • Based on historical data, IUB submits a cost savings report with cost reductive recommendations.
  • IUB’s recommendations are implemented at the client’s request and thereafter monitored.
  • IUB will manage any utility query, both internally and with utility suppliers.
  • IUB will further monitor the client’s future invoices to maintain optimal utility solutions.
  • IUB’s team includes analysts, auditors, engineers, and former utility industry employees. IUB uses our expertise and experience to offer a total utility solution

Why IUB?

  • We are experts in our field.
  • We specialize in all utilities.
  • We come recommended.
  • We work on a no saving - no-cost basis.
  • We use our extensive database to validate recommendations.
  • We are privately-owned and free of utility supplier influence.
  • We assign individual consultants to clients.
  • We pride ourselves to be fair, honest, reliable and respectful.
  • We developed our own software and platforms, thus enabling us to adapt w.r.t. client requirements.