High Resolution Satellite Imagery - R7500

Wednesday, 2 October, 2019

The growing season has arrived and so has the production planning for the upcoming season!

At Revolute Systems we offer cutting edge technology like 80cm high resolution satellite imagery to help producers identify and classify different growing areas in production blocks, be it vineyards or orchards.

We use NDVI (normalized differentiated vegetation index = photosynthesis index) to identify low, medium and high vigour zones. The grapes in the different vigour zones would consist of different sugars, acidity and flavours. The product enables the producer to target each vigour zone via gps for accurate berry sampling before harvesting. The package includes a solar radiation map as well as a yield estimation tool.

What does a High resolution image offer producers and winemakers?

*Holistic overview of vegetative growth

*Accurate and representative grape sampling for each vigour zone in a block

*Labour planning for canopy manipulation throughout the growing season

*Precise harvesting of specific zones to manage flavour components

*Identify weak growing areas for targeted attention

The image will be taken at Veraison (end of December - beginning of January)


R 7500 per farm (includes a dashboard with Agri-tools like a yield estimation tool, gps and solar radiation map) 

Feel free to contact us at Damien@revolutesystems.com or 0825630698

Happy farming!