Property to rent on farm for small business

Tuesday, 19 May, 2020
Heinie Myburgh     0737828308

To whom it may Concern,


Hope you and yours are doing extremely well!

In respect of your valuable time, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Heinrich Myburgh, owner of a small company HKM Simonsberg Jikelele Supplies (pty) ltd, born and bred from Pniel. HKM Simonsberg Jikelele is over two years, up and running. We specialize in repairing bins, pallets and refurbishing pallets and manufacturing new pallets, bins. To compliment this winning combination, we have loyal, dedicated staff that provides a great service ultimately to our clients and HKM Simonsberg Jikelele.

The reason for my writing is to ask for a possible leasing/ renting a medium size (200 to 300 square metres} there on your premises to run my business from. At the moment we are doing business from an area that has become too small and we as a company is growing nicely and want to expand our business by renting a bigger place and get more clients.

As our company is expanding, this will be a great opportunity for both HKM Simonsberg Jikelele and yours for job creation on the farm. In a society this is crucial to improve living standards, raising productivity and achieving inclusive economic growth and social cohesion. Unemployment has increased in our beautiful Dwarsriver valley, before lockdown, to a shocking 37% and it cripples not only the community as it leads to social ills like crime and poverty. We are BB-EEE Level One and it will be a blessing and a positive outcome for our business and myself. 


Many, many thanks in advance for the golden opportunity and hope that the decision will be positive and in our favour. Please let me know who is the appropriate person(s) so that we can sit and discuss these matter above in a meeting be it virtual or in person.