We have the following Boutique wines for sale

Thursday, 21 May, 2020

We have excellent quality wines with IPW and WIETA accreditation. Due to our small bottle market I must unfortunately sell these wines. It has been a harvest of high quality and very low yields because of the drought in our area. Do not miss out on these big wines.

Smaller batches are available in different tanks if interested. These are the total liters we have in stock.

Please let me know if you are interested.

2018 Vintage Liters Price/Liter Excl.
Shiraz 2018 1575 R16,00
Cab Sauv  2018 1125 R19,00
Cab /Mer blend 2018 5000 R16,00
2020 Vintage Liters Price/Liter Excl.
Cab Sauv 2020 27100 R23,00
Shiraz 2020 9631 R13,00
Cab Fanc 2020 2610 R21,00
Merlot 2020 17935 R22,00