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Wednesday, 9 September, 2020
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MLD OHS RISK ZA is a registered business that provides an Occupational Health and Safety advisory service to all types of industries.

The main aim of our business is through Advising, Auditing, Inspection of workplaces in all industries to prevent accidents and injuries. We ensure Legal Compliance in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 and Regulations by implementing and managing Health and Safety Management Systems.


A safer and healthier working environment will ensure a happier and more productive workforce with a better turnover. The brains behind MLD OHS RISK ZA is highly experienced individual who has been employed in various industries in mid management positions. He has the knowledge and skills (Practical and Theoretical) to assist his clients in the prevention of losses caused by accidents or incidents. 

Having had the practical experience in industry MLD OHS RISK ZA can offer workable solutions to Occupational Health and Safety concerns. 

We are also flexible when it comes to our products and services that we offer and will assess and adapt to your unique situation to assist in providing solutions. We take pride in the fact that we strive to build professional relationships with our clients and provide long term support.

We can render an integrated effective service within Occupational Health and Safety.


Main Objective

  • Our main objective is to render an affordable service to all types of industries according to your requirements, risk profile and safe working environments.
  • This affordable service will be rendered in 2 of the eleven South African official languages; isiXhosa and English
  • To provide a holistic approach to Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Facilitating health and safety instruction, inductions, information, Job/Task observation.
  • Developing realistic solutions to client’s problems.
  • Being flexible in our approach and offering a personal and professional service.
  • This can only be achieved through close cooperation of management, employees and our professional associates.


Our Policy

  • Through adherence to, and improvement of, Our Health and Safety Management System, we continuously strive to be leaders in Our industry, providing value added services.
  • Sensitising all levels of a workforce to their legal responsibilities.
  • Assist management in identifying areas of concern through audits, inspections, surveys, and risk assessments.
  • Advising management on pro-active actions to minimize risk.
  • Using modern communication skills to keep Employers and Employees updated with knowledge, changes and news within the Occupational Health and Safety Management discipline.


Mission Statement

Our aim is to set the standard for a practical and affordable service to industries to manage Occupational Health and Safety within their specific working environments.

This is achieved through our hands-on and face-to-face approach in our dealings.

Our Undertaking is to provide professional, innovative Occupational Health and Safety Solutions. 

We are quality driven and strive for ongoing service improvement through gaining a better understanding of our clients and their appropriate needs.

Our Philosophy

Management must retain responsibility/Accountability for Occupational Health and Safety but can outsource the day to day maintenance functions – We can offer this service.

Manage both you and your employee’s attitudes towards Occupational Health and Safety and related regulations to perfection and reap the mutual benefit.

Whatever services you should require within the field of our expertise MLD OHS RISK ZA will be able to provide you with information, advice or products suitable to your requirements.

 MLD OHS RISK ZA can manage or facilitate your entire Occupational Health and Safety Management Program.

 Should you require assistance outside our field of expertise, we will recommend a reputable company.

 Benefits of making use of MLD OHS RISK ZA services

  • Reduce employee turn over
  • Service available either as needed or as specified by contract
  • Drill available for employees when required
  • of Employment and Labour (Labour Department) intervention service available by someone who has experience dealing with the Labour Department, can negotiate on your behalf, and can save you some serious expense, should you be fined.
  • Pre-Labour Department inspection service and recommendations to correct potential problems at your workplace
  • Up to date on safety regulations
  • Available to check current Occupational Health and Safety System / File and upgrade as require or develop a new Occupational Health and Safety System / File and specific to your company and industry needs
  • Can set up and check Labour Department required paperwork
  • Service available anywhere
  • Annual service contracts available for better saving


 About Us (MLD OHS RISK ZA Team)

 Melisizwe Dyubele: Director

 Melisizwe Dyubele is a founding and the only member of MLD OHS RISK ZA Pty Ltd. 

 Melisizwe Dyubele is the Director of MLD OHS RISK ZA. He was previously employed by Cape Sawmills (PTY) LTD as a General Worker from (2008 – 2010) and was later elected to be a Health and Safety Representative in various departments within Cape Sawmills. He spent 7 years at Cape Sawmills in various positions within production, His passion for Health and Safety gained momentum when he pursued a Health and Safety qualification via distance learning and later received funding to further his knowledge at NOSA from his current employer MTO Forestry Pty Ltd, He now works for MTO Forestry Pty Ltd as Risk Control Officer for Western Cape Plantations from Stellenbosch to Knysna.

He has also conducted various OHS training and presentations, Audits across MTO sites. His strong legal knowledge regarding the Occupational Health and Safety Act (No 83 of 1993) together with implementation and auditing experience ensures quality legal compliance audits and OHS Management System Reviews. 

In his more than 5 years’ experience, He has completed over 50 audits, ranging from OHS legal compliance, to integrated Health and Safety audits. Most of these were done in his capacity as a Risk Control Officer. He has formidable relations with department of employment and labour in issues pertaining to OHS.

He is an active member of (SAIOSH) South African Institute of Safety and Health and regularly attends organized workshops to keep abreast of the changes in the OHS industry.   

Services Offered – All industries

  • Project Health and Safety Files
    • We will create a site-specific safety file from scratch for each project.
  • Project Health and Safety Plans
    • We will establish a site-specific Safety plan for each project.
  • Baseline Risk Assessments
    • We will assist in identifying all hazards in an undertaking and mitigate all potential high risks to an acceptable level.
  • Safe Work Procedures
    • Derived from the Risk Assessments, we will create a SWP for each task and train all relevant persons who will carry out the task to do it in a manner conducive to the wellbeing of the worker and that of co-workers.
  • OHS Legal appointments
    • We will study the company’s structure and propose the delegation of authority to achieve the set objectives regarding Health and Safety in an organization.
  • Site Safety Audits
    • We will visit the sites and audit compliance to company standards and systems and raise corrective actions to improve the well-being of employees and compliance to OHS Act and applicable regulations
  • Injury on Duty Paperwork - COID
    • We will assist you with administration of injury on duty until the last step in the process
  • Medical Surveillance Program Monitoring
    • We will capture your employee’s medical records and with the assistance of an OHS Medical practitioner flag any medical problems with the relevant authority.
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation
    • We will assist you with investigating site accidents and record all incidences and create a Safety Toolbox Talk to prevent re-occurrence
  • Contractor Management
    • We will manage your contractor’s compliance through system and operational audits and flag all non-compliance to the principal contractor
  • Health and Safety Meetings
    • We will chair your Health and Safety Meetings and perform functions of the committee as stipulated in the Act
  • Health and Safety Management System
    • We will create a manageable health and Safety Management system for your organization to safe keep all the health and safety records and incident trends.


 Contact Us

 For further information on any of our products or any Health and Safety issues please feel free to contact us.


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