One stop Wine Bottling and Storage Service Facility

Saturday, 9 January, 2021

We have more than 20 years experience in the wine industry, treating, bottling, labelling and loading containers for your brands to get to your consumer!

What we offer is not just a great Service, but also take care of everything you might need, under one roof!

Two static bottling lines accommodating bottle sizes, Glass and PET, from 187ml - 1.5Lt bottles - bottled, labelled and packed, ready for export.
One dedicated rework team where we process labelling of unlabelled wine for special markets, applying wax, hand-labelling etc.
One mobile bottling unit for the estates or niche wines needing to be bottled at your premises.

- wine treatment such as, but not limited to, bulk filtration, cross-flow, cold stabilisation, electrodialysis

- loading bulk containers for export

- long term bulk wine storage

- wine bottling, labelling and reworks (adding award stickers, hand labelling special orders etc.)

- bottled wine storage (bins or pallets)

- container loading for export

- SAWIS paperwork relating to applcation of seals, submission of wines, export certificates etc.

- Two production lines for bottling wine ranging in various sizes 187ml - 1.5 litres with 4station labellers to apply award stickers in-line, packed and ready for export
- Dedicated rework line for specialist export orders requiring more hands-on approach (waxing, applying award stickers, wrapping in tissue-paper)

- Wine transport (bins and pallets)

Feel free to enquire sohuld you need any further information, we look forward to be of service to you.