gem wines is looking for a production partner

Saturday, 20 March, 2021
Martyn C Mills     0820989235
Cape Town  

gem wines is but one of a few SA wine brands focused on the female wine consumer and of which the packaging has a strong feminine identity and is based on a true story and a real piece of art.

We are looking for a winery, or co-op, that has excellent quality to price ratio's of wines for both local sales and export.

gem brand is trade marked in South Africa, China and currently is Intent to Use in USA. Statement of Use is nearly finalized with COLA registration and wine shipped and sold retail with proof of sale

gem wines is also partnered with The FILOTIMO Cancer Project, PinkDirive and The Sunflower Fund whereby a percentage of local sales is donated to these organizations on a monthly revolving basis.

To discover if gem brand will compliment your portfolio please go to and on the home page scroll down to "INVITATION TO WINERIES" Then Login using Winery012. (use a capital W and a full stop after the number 2)

gem is more that just a pretty face!