Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing support

Wednesday, 15 September, 2021

JK Technical solution:

Electical Ing. ND

Background and knowledge:

- Design/Install/maintenance/supervisor building electrical

- Design/Install/maintenance/supervisor irrigation systems (Mechanical/electrical)

- Maintenance/improving pivot irrigation control

- Design/install/maintenance packhouse and factory machines (Mechanical/electrical)

- Design/install/maintenance back-up system

- Design/install/maintenance home/irrigation automations

- Install/maintenance electrical fences.

- Maintenance gate control

- Design/install/weld small steel constructions

- Install/maintenance plumbing

- Roustabout rigging.

Scope of work(How can i help?):

Support clients to do faultfinding, find a solution, improving, supervise project quality and get the job done by the right person/company.

Please give me a call if you you need any help or support