Used Bottling System For Sale Hot Filling System

Saturday, 15 January, 2022
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Used complete line
Ref: LC285
Used Bottling System For Sale Hot Filling System
In storage
Speed: 10000 BPH
Containers: Glass
Formats: 0.25 L, 0.50 L, 0.75 L, 1.0 L
Product: Juice

Bottling system for sale Hot filling system for Glass up to 10.000 bph
A used complete line hot filling system composed of:
Top cover with laminar flow
Fake bottles set
Hot Fill recirculation system
Supplement for parts in contact with the product in Aisi 316
N.1 cylindrical bottle format change
Bottle conveyor belt systems
Packet conveyor systems
Electrical panel for tapes management
Heuft Control System
Syrup room
Year of realization 2009
a) Fruit juices
b) Nectars
Type of filling:
Hot filling system
a) 0,25 liters (glass)
b) 0.50 liters (glass)
c) 1.00 liters (glass)

Semi-automatic juice preparation unit for Hot filling system:
a) Nr. 1 drum emptying station with pneumatic pump and mass flow meter for:
– fruit juices or purees
– liquid sugar
b) automatic water dosing unit with magnetic flow meter
c) Nr. 2 tanks of 200 litres for dissolving and emulsifying powders and aromas previously weighed (manual loading)
d) 1 tank with 8,000 lt agitators (SUPPLIED BY THE CUSTOMER)
e) Nr. 1 transfer pump
f) 1 homogenizer of 4,000 lt \ h
f) 2 tanks with 15,000 lt agitators (predisposition for the future insertion of 1 other 10,000 lt tank)
g) positive transfer pump for feeding to the flash pasteurizer
h) 1 pump per washing phase
i) parts in contact with the product in AISI 304
I) Electric control panel

bottling system for sale OPTIONALS:
Parts in contact with the product in AISI 316
Twist-Off diam. 38 mm
Wrapper sleeve full body
Juices production:
10.000 bp / h (0,250 En)
5.000 bp / h (0,500 En)
2.500 bp / h (1,000 It)

WRAP AROUND cartons (6×4 on 0,25 and 2×3 on 1 It)