Used Bottling line for Sale

Tuesday, 2 August, 2022
Mark     +27712393441

The  line is available in January 2023.

It is working right now in Germany.

Used Filling Line for PET-bottles

  • Speed: 34.800 bottles/h for 1,5l Medium water
    29.500 bottles/h for 1,5l Orange limonade
  • Closure PCO 28-1881 Hexalight
  • Filling product Water and Carbonated softdrinks with 7,5g CO2
  • Packaging 3x2 bottles in shrink-only film (double-lane)
  • Pallet Euro-pallet 1.200 x 800mm and DüDo-pallet 600 x 800 mm
  • Controlunit ABB / Siemens
  • Operating net 400V / 50 Hz
  • Availability January 2023
  • Blow moulder SIG Corpoplast Blomax B24C, year 2008,
    rotary machine with 24 blow molding stations
  • Heating oven with 20 heating boxes, control ABB
  • Incl. Preform-tipper Mucki MD3, year 2001
  • Incl. Silo SBT, overhead conveyor FBT, preform feeder ZVT,
    horizontal belt RFT
  • Preform-channel ASTK, Tanner, year 2008, stainless steel
  • Air conveyor Lanfranchi, year 2001,
    manually adjustable railing, open cable trays
  • Filler KHS Innofill DRV-VF-PET, year 2000,
    176 filling valves, electronical filling system, L-R
  • Bottle infeed transfer with 2 worms and clamp star
  • Foam cleaning, clean room with full housing
  • Screw capper (Zalkin) with 27 heads, pick & place
    Valve manifold with pneumatical valves
  • Cap feeder Gassner DS600, year 2011,
    2 chutes, cascade elevator, sorting feed in closed groove
  • Fill level control KHS Innocheck CUB, year 2013,
  • All-round detection with camera system
  • Separation with pusher in container and discharge on table
  • Dating Videojet, year 2013, laser beam in full housing
  • Mixer / Carbonator KHS Contimix 65/6/T20, year 2001
    65.000 l/h, 6 components, Siemens S5-155U
  • Brix measurement (Anton Paar), pumps (Hilge),
    additional tanks for citric acid
  • Bottle conveyor KHS, year 2000
    plastic chain, rigid railings, dry lubrication
  • Drives with added frequency converters
  • Grease nipples for bearing lubrication
  • Cable duct as mesh tray with cover
  • Labeling machine Sacmi Opera 300 RF 26T/R S1E1, year 2012
    26 bottle plates, twin screw infeed
  • Parallel bottle run, clockwise rotation, toothed belt drive, hot glue
    unit, wrap-around label from the roll, lifting guard protection
  • Label control KHS Innocheck, year 2015
    sensoric system
  • Light barrier on the carousel of the labeling machine
    Elimination with pusher in container
  • Packing machine Kisters SP060V, year 2001
    60 cycles/min., infeed with 6 lanes 3x2 double-track
    Lane width manually adjustable, producing film-only packs,
    transparent and printed film
  • Shrinktunnel ST900Modular, 2 zones double-track,
    grid belt and cooling fan
  • Pack conveyor Schaefer, year 2011,
    double-track roller chain and roller railing
  • Added self-adhesive labeling from the roll onto container top
    (Contact 100)
  • Cable duct as mesh tray with cover
    Handleapplicator KHS Innopack CSM 70/2, year 2011
    70 cycles/min., double-track processing,
  • Laminated handle self-adhesive from the roll,
    magazines for label strips
  • Palletizing Schaefer MultiRob-HighS, year 2011
    infeed of the packs 2-lane on 1-lane grouping station,
    loading head as 2-part sliding plate with centering unit
  • Layer inserter with layer stack on scissor lift table,
    protective fence (Troax)
  • Pallet conveyor Schaefer, year 2011
    roller conveyor with narrow pitch and width 900mm, stack delivery
  • Pallet magazine for Euro pallet as carrier pallet
    2x pallet stretcher Strema A5000BII, year 2011
    15 wraps around full pallet, rotating arm with 2 film heads
  • Hold-down and lifting device, touch operation on the control cabinet