The Online Marketplace for the South African Bulk Wine Industry

Friday, 8 November, 2019
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SAWEX (South African Wine Exchange) is a live online platform that enables buyers and sellers of bulk wine to connect more effectively by providing the infrastructure for a seamless trading experience.

Traditionally buyers and sellers have connected and traded either directly through established networks or through wine brokers using conventional forms of communication.

SAWEX aims to use technology to expand accessibility and improve trading efficiency for buyers and sellers alike whilst still paying respect to the conventional aspects of the industry’s current trading practices.

The result is the SAWEX trading platform which connects buyers and sellers by providing a more efficient, practical and secure system for the negotiation and sampling of bulk wine.

The anonymity of users is protected at all times until a successful offer has been made, at which point buyer and seller may reveal their identity to one another if they choose, or are required, to do so.

SAWEX verifies all registration applications and upon acceptance provides access to make use of the platform’s various features.

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