Wine Label Design Awards 2019: Call for entries now open.

Tuesday, 5 February, 2019
Jacqueline Lahoud     +27 83 654 7721
Cape Town  

The fifth annual Wine Label Design Awards and the second annual Beer Label Design Awards are proudly sponsored by self-adhesive label supplier Rotolabel and are convened by

Labels are a vital component of product branding serving to identify ownership, show origins, describe contents and ultimately to persuade buyers. The motivation for the competition is therefore to reward outstanding design as an influence on purchases.

Wines will be judged in four categories: 1) R80 a bottle or under; 2) over R80 a bottle; 3) R500 a bottle or over and 4) labels forming a series – no price constraints (the definition of a series is a set of related labels that work together to communicate something greater than any one label would do on its own).

Beers will be judged in two categories: 1) single labels and 2) labels forming a series.

Judging criteria include originality of concept, execution, shelf appeal and effectiveness as a piece of communication.

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