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Saturday, 1 June, 2019
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Western Cape  

Mobile Lees filtration
The Bucher Vaslin Flavy LeeStar 6 can afford to filter all kinds of tank bottoms:

  • Any kind of fining agent
  • Centrifuge sludges
  • Fermented lees
  • Cross-flow filtration retentates
  • Juice lees

Wine quality

  • Optimal rate of filtered product recovery (up to 96% recovery on products containing up to 45 % of volumetric suspended solids content – VSS).
  • The organoleptic qualities of the original product are preserved.
  • No loss of alcohol.
  • No oxidation.
  • The microbiological stability is guaranteed.
  • The filtered wine is perfectly bright and clear < 1 NTU.
  • No colour fading.
  • The filtered wine can be is directly re-incorporated in the initial batch without prior treatment (fining and filtration).