Weddings and websites - what do they have in common?

Tuesday, 26 November, 2019
Judy Brower     +27.218512737
Western Cape  

When you are about to get married, all your energy is spent on the wedding day. Who to invite, the decor, the food, the venue, the dress, ceremony, wines, parents, friends, family and who sits where. Is anyone focusing on the marriage? What happens after the wedding day?

This is where weddings and websites have a lot in common!  With website development, everyone is so focused on the creation of the website, the copy, the pics, the domain name, but hardly anyone is thinking about what happens after it goes live and how it is going to stay active and alive.

Who updates it?  What is the cost of an update?  How often can you update it?  How long will an update take? offers a simple, effective and affordable solution for wineries. We have been developing websites for wineries for over 20 years now and so we think we know what we are doing! See more HERE

Take a look at some of our recent websites: 

Says Carin Steytler of Kaapzicht: 'We are really happy with .. we are often approached by other Website specialists.. but we have exactly what we need with WINE.CO.ZA .. Friendly people behind the scene, and specialized for wineries... you guys tick all the boxes!'

Not only do we develop beautiful sites which are efficient, mobi-friendly, quick to get live, but we make it really easy and affordable to keep them dynamic.  A simple email is all it takes and our Content Team get it updated - and usually takes max 24 hours!  You would be very hard pressed to find any other website maintenance companies providing this level of service.. And you can feel good about it too, as our Content Team has 2 awesome PYDA graduates in the team.

And that's not all!

All the info which we load onto your website is automatically also published on and then distributed through our extensive channels

Just take your NEWS:

  • Your stories are published in our News environment
  • These stories are then distributed through our Daily & Weekly Newsfeeds to our subscribers
  • Your stories are also shared on our Twitter environment

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is built-in of course, as is Google Analytics.



  • R13 000 ex vat for the website development & domain name registration


R16 900 ex vat for Partner Listing (minimum required) - which then includes ALL updates ALL year round PLUS domain name renewal


R33 500 ex vat for Gold Listing - which then includes ALL updates ALL year round PLUS domain name renewal.
   PLUS Advertising ALL year round on - Banners, Featured Content +++


MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS (covering all development, hosting, updates, distribution of content, renewal of domain name - using a debit order system)

  • R2 300 ex vat monthly - Website plus Partner Listing
  • R4 000 ex vat monthly - Website plus Gold Listing (extra advertising all year round included)

What are you waiting for? Email Judy Brower or call her on 021 851 2737.