Sparkling Line for Sale - 0.00

Monday, 20 January, 2020
Mark Sleigh     +27712393441
Western Cape  
This is a 6000 bh line for 0.75 L sparkling with type Spumante and Prosecco
Filling machine with self-leveling and degas pre-evacuation complete with false bottles for washing, corker both stelvin and satin cork and mushroom; Some used formats available, immediately purchasable

Poggio 40 rapier rinsing machine, Bertolaso 70 valve isobaric filling machine year 2007 with revision in 2017 complete with touch screen, automatic washing and sanitation controlled by PLC, Bertolaso Sigma 508 corker year 2014 and Bertolaso Delta 809 year 2006, Nortan Minerva wire hooder year 2000 with long autonomy, R&G capper both thermal with 6 heads and 8 heads snare and other Nortan capper for TYPE Prism capsules with double application and ironing head of the large capsule, an adhesive PE labeling machine with 5 adhesive stations year 2008 carton packer and carton packers year 2004 mas pack accupack 3/6 major, palletizer Mondo & Scaglione year 2010