Constantia Winegrower selling 225L French oak barrels

Tuesday, 21 January, 2020
Megan van der Merwe     0823648015
Cape Town  

We have a range of 225L French oak barrels at different ages (number of fills) for sale. 

Please contact if interested, and note that transport unfortunately will not be included. 

Prices for different barrel ages ex VAT as follows:

2018 Barrels (now 2nd fill) - 15 x 225L @ R5000 per barrel
2017 Barrels (now 3rd fill) - 10 x 225L @ R2800 per barrel
2016 Barrels (now 4th fill) - 20 x 225L @ R1850 per barrel
2015 Barrels (now 5th fill) - 5 x 225L @ R850 per barrel

First come first serve.