Steritab- the one stop solution

Saturday, 3 October, 2020
Western Cape  
Steritab is Chlorine Dioxide available in tablet- or powder form. This ensures that significant savings in transport, safety and storage costs will be attained. 4000 Liters of Steritab weighs 4 Kilograms and would literally fit on your desk top.
The standard formulation of Steritab (when correctly mixed with water) is 100 ppm, so if your formulation requires 40 ppm 1 Kg of Steritab will produce 2500 L of product.
Chlorine Dioxide will protect your premises, your staff, your equipment and can even sanitise your dams! This means that you can protect your entire value chain with just one product.
Steritab is SANS Veritas approved, has the appropriate MSDS files and user manuals are available on request.