Fruit Quality Coordinator (Russia Market) Stellenbosch - Market related

Thursday, 8 October, 2020
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Fruit Quality Coordinator (Russia Market)


Market related salary



  1. Accreditations and market/client specific requirements/protocols
  • Study and communicate client contracts and technical requirements
  • Market/client specific label, marking & inner-packing requirements
  • Expert knowledge and understanding of market specific protocols and requirements
  • Assist Growers/Packing facilities in accreditations. (Internal audits)
  • Provide information to relevant departments.
  • Attend marketing meetings when clients visit the office.
  • Control and manage MRL’s for various markets


  1. Effective handling and processing of quality feedback/information
  • Analyse arrival report information and file all reports.
  • Flag problem fruit on QX.
  • Verification and quantification of claims
  • Internal quality reporting.
  • Compile claim reports to growers


  1. Marine insurance claims
  • Log claims with insurers
  • Follow marine claim procedures
  • Gather evidence and documents to support claims
  • Compile claim letter and supporting documentation per claim


  1. Fruit inspections
  • Inspecting fruit at source, port or market. Organizing third party inspections through internal & external service providers.
  • Process inspection information.


  1. General functions
  • Attend workshops and industry meetings.
  • Compile grower/packhouse list and expiry dates of certificates. File all accreditation certificates and spray records. Compile receiver list and status of requirements etc. List special market PUC’s.
  • Familiarize yourself with market phytosanitary requirements and NDA specifications



  • Sc Agric or equivalent
  • In-house and/or external training in quality management
  • Industry training in export requirements/protocols



  • Quality-related experience with perishable products will be advantageous



  • Good negotiation skills
  • Good technical skills, especially knowledge of post-harvest disorders, their causes and the impact of the export handling chain on fruit quality
  • Thorough understanding of economics of claims management and the quantification of losses due to poor quality
  • Thorough knowledge of the concepts of total quality management, quality assurance and quality control
  • Attention to detail and neatness