Sales / Marketing / Social Media Admin Employment Wanted

Wednesday, 13 January, 2021

Good day, 

I'm looking for employment in the wine industry - admin / sales & marketing / social media. 

I am a hardworking, punctual individual who takes pride in my quality of work.

I express high administrated skills and have an eye for detail. With my knowledge of Hospitality, I am aware of time management and multi-tasking to reach desire outcomes. I also have a good understanding of working with a range of different personalities, which makes me an asset in a team.
I have worked in several Hospitality environments, such as: Air Force mess, guest house, restaurants, wine farms and in the Winery and Cellar office. Due to working in different positions I have gained a broad knowledge about how the “system” works in different businesses and departments.
I have gained my National N Diploma in Hospitality and Catering, Cape Wine Academy Preliminary wine course, Waiters Workshop attendance certificate, Wines of South Africa Online certificate, Debtor control attendance certificate, SAWIS, WIETA Training Certificate, Management and Control of Quality short course and
The Complete Digital Marketing Course short course. 

Please contact me if you wish to receive my resume.