Seeking | De Grendel's Rubaiyat 2015 - 500

Friday, 11 June, 2021
Jaco     0718550396
Cape Town  

Hi All!

I am desperately seeking a bottle of De Grendel's Rubaiyat 2015. It is an Anniversary gift for my girlfriend, who is a massive wine fanatic. Link to wine description below:

Her family is all wine enthusiasts and they regularly have blind wine tastings to test each other's palettes and knowledge. Unfortunately, during the lockdown, a horrible mistake was made, and the incorrect bottle of wine was taken from their cellar. As can be deduced, it was my girlfriend's bottle of 2015 Rubaiyat.

I am asking as many people and companies if they can assist with finding another bottle for me to purchase. I can not express how much this will mean for my girlfriend, as she has the other Rubaiyat vintages in her collection and is missing just this one. 

Thanks very much.