Great Manager: Looking for employment opportunity

Friday, 2 July, 2021
De la Harpe de Villiers     083 99 257 99
To whom it may concern:
Looking for employment in the Boland
I grew up on a Fruit & Cattle farm in Ficksburg and my wife in George.
I have 6 years experience as a Farm Manager and 21 years as Program Manager, Project Manager and Campsite Manager. 
My wife and I have very strong Administrative skills and my wife, Finance skills up to Trial Balance level.
Our company is Big Oak Adventures and we run and facilitate Adventure camps & programs for large groups of people, especially young people.
My wife and I have received formal training in the USA and we have extensive experience with people and running venues and farms.  
This covers aspects such as marketing, bookings, hosting, catering and coordinating and managing large and small groups.  
I am a solid team player that will certainly add value to the business and although I may lack some of the technical skills and training needed, I am a fast learner and my soft skills and experience should overcome these.  I might not fit the exact box, but will be a tremendous talented asset for your company on many different levels.
I also specialise in Drone, 3D & HD Photography for Marketing purposes and do work in the Agricultural sector.
I studied Medicine initially but my career took a different direction. My wife has  a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Criminology and an Honours in Counselling Psychology.
blessings & thank you for your consideration!
De la Harpe de Villiers
083 99 257 99