Motivated college student from Germany

Monday, 23 August, 2021
Julius Krämer     +491745271636
My name is Julius Kraemer, I'm 22 years old and from Germany. I am studying oenology and viticulture, second semester at the Geisenheim University.

Unfortunately, the studies are not what I expected. Since last year in December we only had online classes. No practical experience in the laboratory or any vineyard projects. I also had very little personal contact to fellow students. Wine for me however, is something that should be shared and bring people together for an interchange. That’s why I decided to take a break for one year to gain more practical experience in winemaking.

I would love to join your team. During the harvest 2022.

It would be an opportunity to learn new things and gain experience. In Germany, we already feel the climate change. In warm years like 2018 we had a lot of wines with a high alcoholic content and low acidity. This internship would be a great opportunity to learn more about how to handle grapes in a warm climate.