Meerendal Dryland Grapes for sale - Harvest 2022

Tuesday, 31 August, 2021
Damien Cadle     0825630698

The 2022 Harvest is slowly approaching and it is time to book your grapes.

Meerendal offers some of the cooler topography and terroir in ripening time. The estate offers high percentage clay soils allowing to cultivate all of the vines on dryland with dominant South & East facing slopes.
Our harvest period is usually 10 days later than Stellenbosch, so it could assist in some logistical harvest pressure for winemakers from other regions. The Wine of Origin is Cape Town for producers who is looking to buy in from this origin.

I could assist in various quantities from 1-40 tons depending on the cultivar you are interested in. I have in-depth terroir- and statistical data of each production block like historical harvest data, Vigour variation (NDVI) and Soil physical variation maps based on Soil EC, which will be supplied if you are a serious purchaser.

I will accomodate the buyers with harvesting at the specific Ballings and times as well if harvesting in crates or bins. Buyers supply bins and crates one day ahead of harvest and grapes are picked up at Meerendal Wine Estate.

Looking to build a proffessional producing relationship for the future. Winemakers, Viticulturists and any grape buyer is welcome to contact me 

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