Complete Glass Line for Beer - 00.00

Wednesday, 12 January, 2022
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Complete Line
Ref: LC222
Complete Glass Line for Beer
In production
Speed: 1000 BPH
Containers: Glass
Formats: 0.33 L, 0.75 L
Product: Beer

DescriptionAxtra complete line composed of monoblock and labeling machine
Axtra L-LV5 / L-C1-CW / L-SA1 
The AXTRA complete line, as it has been configured and with standard equipment, is particularly versatile and very simple to use.
Below is a list with some features and equipment; in particular:
Main frame entirely made of Aisi 304 steel.
Electrical panel incorporated in the machine structure; with remote assistance system
The valves of the filler are made of Aisi 304 steel, with a single gasket in food grade EPDM in contact with the product, filler with 7 valves a gravity/light depression.
The valves operate by gravity or light vacuum; in both cases, the air present in the bottle never comes into contact with the product, thanks to a separate circuit that brings it back to the environment, avoiding its alteration (contamination, reduction of alcohol content, aromas, etc … ).
The machine is complete with single head capper (for crown cap) 26/29 mm x 6 mm.
With labeling machine Axtra L-SA1 .
1. 330 ml glass bottle, 1.000 BPH
2. 750 ml glass bottle, 500 BPH