Restaurant Manager - Day time restaurant

Friday, 31 May, 2019

Main responsibilities


  1. Manage the restaurant as a separate business. Keep proper record of all income and expenditure.


  1. Set and maintain standard.


  1. Liase with managers on menu planning.


  1. The premises must be kept clean and tidy. General maintenance of inside and outside of restaurant. Vegetable garden


  1. Daily client liasion. Ensure standard – service and quality.


  1. Restaurant management – systems must be put into place for the effective running of the business ( Kitchen and Front of house ). Manager will control the systems, personnel as well as quality of food.


  1. Check up on stock taking, breakages and theft. Must be monitored by the manager on a monthly basis. Check Inventory once a month of stock + equipment. Check on stock in relation to sales.


  1. Check invoices – prices and what was ordered, implement PO system as needed.


  1. Manage running cost of restaurant. Monitor expenses. Ensure profitability (Cost control). Costing of food, beverage and menu items.


  1. Responsible for all costings (check with managers) and financial control. Ensures correct mark-up on listed prices. This includes budget preparation and communication.


  1. Personnel:
  2. The manager will recruit all staff required for the smooth running of the restaurant in conjunction with managers. 
  3. The Delheim disciplinary code is in place and will be enforced by management in conjunction with the managers.
  4. Staff evaluations in conjunction with managers.
  5. Weekly meeting with Kitchen- and Front of House Manager.
  6. Staff report directly to manager when scheduled on week-end duty roster.
  7. Check-up on contracts.
  8. Plan and organise training in conjunction with SDF and/or Nora.
  9. Ensure staff functions productively. General staff motivation.


  1. Safety and security: Lock-up – manager is responsible for arranging closing and opening of the restaurant.


  1. Administration:
  2. A monthly report is requested with total income and expenditure of the restaurant.
  3. A costing must be made for the control of prices of the menu.
  4. Recon of management account. Investigate and report significant variations to Snr. Management.
  5. Keep inventory on general maintenance.
  6. Have “Flash report” available –daily/weekly turnover on Food and Beverages Sales.
  7. Complaints: All complaints must be handled by manager.  The manager will try to resolve complaint in best capacity otherwise refer to Nora. Handle customer and personnel complaints.


  1. Schedule repairs and maintenance of equipment.


  1. General improvements of business after confirmation with Nora. Long term planning.


  1. Generate new ideas for restaurant. Any additions to the menu and décor made only with prior consent of senior management.


  1. Market facilities - restaurant and conference venue.


  1. Any other related function to position issued or requested by Snr. Management.


  1. Assist with occasional after hour functions held on the farm relating to the restaurant.